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Other Resources

Here are some links to related sites which we feel are very informative.  We have divided the listing up by topics to help you choose a site that is best suited to your needs.  Of course, you can always just check them ALL out!

Learn from the Experts

William Mck. Jefferies, M.D. - Dr. Jefferies is an endocrinologist who has dedicated many years of research to the function of the adrenal glands.  His work has stimulated clinicians to reevaluate their fears about cortisone therapy and forces them to realize the beneficial effects of treatment.  He has published many articles and two books on the subject.  You can find some of his article reprints and several audio and video tapes of his lectures on our page titled A/V Reprints.  You will also find his latest book on our Bookstore page.
Gold Cross Medical Services - web site of Malcolm Carruthers, M.D. of London, England - author of the book Maximizing Manhood:  Beating the Male Menopause.  Dr. Carruthers is a leading authority on diagnosis and treatment of testosterone deficiencies in men.  You can purchase Dr. Carruthers' book from our Bookstore and audio/video tapes of his lectures on our A/V Reprints page.

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Helpful Forums

Women's Health Connection - helping women gain knowledge and independence in dealing with one of life's most personal issues -- good health.
Center for Hormonal Health - Directed by Gillian Ford, author of the book Listening To Your Hormones. This book is very informative and offers the reader a greater insight into the powerful effect the hormones have on the body.  Click here for more details on this book.
Thyroid Disease Web Site - Hosted by Mary Shomon, this site is loaded with great information on thyroid disorders.
The Nutran Newsletter - A health newsletter which is published in HTML, and designed for you to read with your web browser.
Thyroid UK - An International support group site dedicated to helping patients who suffer from thyroid, adrenal and other endocrine dysfunction.

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Women's International Pharmacy - specializing in custom compounded prescriptions used in natural hormone replacement therapies and adrenal support for men and women.

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Diet and Nutrition

Dr. Sears- the official Web Site of Dr. Barry Sears - author of the best-selling book series of "Zone" books, Dr. Sears' dietary guidelines have revolutionized the world of diet and nutrition.  Visit our Bookstore for a look at all of his books.
Peter D'Adamo Web Site - author of the book Eat Right for Your Type.  This site has an abundance of information on blood types and diets.  You can even purchase a home blood- typing kit!  Visit our Bookstore  if you would like to purchase a copy of this fascinating book.

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