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Following is a current listing of reprints which the Barnes Foundation makes available. We offer many different items by experts in the field of hormone replacement therapy. Please use the form provided to place an order. All listed prices include postage and handling. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Be sure to check this page from time to time as we are continually adding new items.

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Cortisol and Immunity
by William McK. Jefferies, M.D.
Medical Hypotheses (1991) 34, 198-208
Reprint Order #J02  $18.00

Mild Adrenocortical Deficiency, Chronic Allergies, Autoimmune Disorders
and the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Continuation of the Cortisone Story
by William McK. Jefferies, M.D.
Medical Hypotheses (1994) 42, 183-189
Reprint Order #J03  $18.00

Testosterone Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases
by Jens MØller, M.D.
Spiral-bound Reprint Order #M01 $30.00

by Jens MØller, M.D.
Interactions with Testosterone and Cortisol in Cardiovascular Diseases
Spiral-bound Reprint Order #M02 $30.00

Thyroid Deficiency
by Eugene Hertoghe, M.D.
International Surgical Congress, April 1914
Spiral-bound Reprint Order #H02 $30.00

Thyroid Insufficiency
by Eugene Hertoghe, M.D.
The Practitioner, January 1915
Spiral-bound Reprint Order #H01 $30.00

Basal Metabolic Temperature vs.
Laboratory Assessment in "Posttraumatic Hypothyroidism"
by Keith W. Sehnert, M.D. and Arthur C. Croft, D.C.
Reprint Order #SH01  $18.00

Unrecognized Endocrine-Immune Defects in Multiple Disease: An Effective Veterinary Modal May Offer Therapeutic Promise for Human Conditions
by Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.
Reprint Order #PL101  $18.00

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